More Map Mending

So on this day I had a foldout map that was completely torn in half. Part of the tear was beveled (you can see the beveled edge on the left side in the middle), and so I was able to fix that part of the page without the use of tissue.

For the rest of the tear – above and below the beveled tear – I used tissue to complete the mend. I was able to properly align the map by placing weights on either side of the tear and just being really, really careful! Here is the front of the map after mending – the mends are done on the reverse side – I did pretty good, I think!

Also, during my process of helping these books, I go through page by page and flatten out any “dogeared” pages and wrinkles. It may not seem like a big deal, but paper folded like this will eventually break off over time. Plus, it will be such a great feeling when I’m done with this book to know that I touched and cared for each page!

The crumpled paper on the fore edge of the above book is foldouts that are hanging out and have taken a beating as a result. This will be fixed as I repair each foldout. Eventually they will all be repaired and re-folded neatly inside, like this one: