Damnation, Excommunication, and Deposition of Queen Elizabeth

When I arrived at the lab at Southwestern, a book was waiting on the counter to have a new box made for it. It looked so interesting I had to check it out. Here is the title page and beginning:



In addition to looking a bit at the book above, I spent some time flipping through the first volume of the Universal Geography books I’ve been working on. I look for mends that need to be made and then mark them with acid free paper. This way I have many small mends to do when I make up a batch of wheat paste.

When I reached the back of the book, I came across the section of the book that shows the binder where to include the various maps and foldouts. I thought this was an interesting insight into how books were put together long ago.


I received word that I might be starting to volunteer in the spring at the Harry Ransom Center books lab, in addition to my volunteer work here at Southwestern. I am so excited about this! My hope is to learn more about conservation and apply it to Southwestern’s collections. And if I had questions, I most certainly would have someone very experienced to ask!

Hope everyone is having a happy winter season – and ready to hopefully enjoy some time off!


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