May 16th

When I arrived at the preservation lab a few weeks ago and began to unveil my work from the week prior, I noticed that one of my mends obscured some text on one of the maps. This was silly because I did the mend on the right side of the map instead of the wrong side, so obscuring things by this mend wasn’t necessary – I could have just done it on the back! I made the decision to remove the mend and re-mend it on the other side. This wasn’t an easy decision for me because the paper under the repair tissue was very brittle, and wetting this brittle paper further weakens it – so doing a repair and then removing it was a risk. It is known that wheat paste is easily dissolved with water and therefore the mend is easily reversible as far as the adhesive, but the act of re-wetting and then peeling off the wet tissue could have further damaged the delicate paper underneath had I not done with the utmost care. With the use of a microspatula and deliberateness, and a lot of patience, I was able to remove the repair tissue. Then I needed to press the damp map again and let it dry thoroughly until the next time I volunteered! After it dried, I mended it once again, this time on the back! Here is how it looks:

20130516-153219.jpgHere is the back of the repair – before trimming.

20130516-153301.jpgAnd the front of the repair – before trimming.

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