December 13th

Today I unveiled some of my previous work on the C.C. Cody envelope. The envelope had a large lacuna (meaning hole or pit) in the middle of the document that needed to be filled along with other tears near this lacuna. Getting things lined up and then mended while keeping things still was a bit of a challenge, but it came out nicely I think.



My next few repairs will be this grouping of tiny cracks at the top of the envelope. I want to be sure I don’t just put a large amount of Japanese tissue over this grouping, but take time to put on *just what is needed*. Many of the cracks are connected also. I also have to figure out how to complete the missing sloping corner.


I am using new tools today that I somehow overlooked in the lab. They are what I think are dental tools (I’ve heard of these being used in book repair) and they have really helped today. I can lift cracks in the paper with much precision and care to see if the cracks are beveled or if they need tissue. I was trying to do this with my pinkie fingernail, and the paper is so fragile that it was risky. I was so glad to discover these tools that I stabbed myself in the wrist – they are SHARP!


If you are an SU student and are interested in seeing or talking about anything that this blog addresses and you are in the Smith Library, you can come by Special Collections on Fridays between 2 and 4 pm and ask for Anne (I’m in a room around the corner from the office). You don’t really have to have questions either – if you’re just interested in seeing some of this stuff, stop by!

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