January 31st

Today I finally finished the C.C. Cody envelope! I learned so much with this project and did so many things that I hadn’t done. It ended up looking quite nice – come by Special Collections and take a look!

I am also working again on the Megaphone newsprint from the 1920s. Every time I come in the door here I put one of the pages in the distilled water bath and let it relax for the duration of my time that day. This is what’s in the bath today:


It looks very yellow in the water but after it has dried, it will lighten up considerably.

I am working on the other piece that I dried – it split right down the middle so I did a mend on it today. Here is the current state.


Now to do the last thing I do every day – take the paper out of the bath and let it dry! See you next time.

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