July 15th

This week and part of the next, I will be training my replacement at Southwestern University. This week we will go over many things, including:

  • how to keep track of things that will go on our annual report. I created an Access database to keep track of these things and also to generate reports at the end of the year.
  • how to navigate/add to/remove from/and update existing Procite database.
  • how to do minor repair and mending of items in Special Collections.
  • how to process books and other items coming in and going out.
  • how to create exhibits and other general crafty things.
  • how to manage student workers.
  • how to assist and keep track of researchers visiting Special Collections.
  • and more!

I haven’t been able to do much on my project with the Geography books, but I did demonstrate a tissue mend on one of them. Also, while leafing through some of the pages, I found a small seed tucked near the spine. I love finding things like this – just wondering what plant it was from and how it got there keeps me smiling for while. 🙂

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