May 23rd

So one thing that has been nagging at me is the question of how the maps that I am working on should be folded once I’ve flattened them and made my repairs. I did a brief search to see if Google could help, but I didn’t find anything that specifically told me how to refold the maps. I have resorted to folding them in the way that others in the book are folded, but I can’t be sure that these are correct because there are many different ways!

I did find these nice sites while searching:’s Book Sizes – for learning the lingo and seeing how many different book sizes are out there!

Rochester’s General Collections Book Repair – I like to read these things to solidify my knowledge of basic repair and most of the time learn a little something new because someone new to me has written it! Bookbinding – I like to read how-to explanations from different people talking about bookbinding. This site also has great references and bibliography sections too.

Anyway, hopefully one day I will have someone I can ask about how these maps should be folded in.

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