November 14th

I’m back from my travels, visiting my sister, and from helping my dad with Texas Clay Festival. I had a good bit of fun!

Today I worked on the very thin foldout in a facsimile of “Original Narratives of Texas History and Adventure: Texas”. The foldout is in the first few pages of the book, and it is very difficult to unfurl the map without it tearing. I made a decision to extend the what looks to be the weakest part. The picture below shows this extension. I am not certain this mend will be the best solution, but luckily I can try it and see if it will help. This is made possible by adhering to the rule that everything a conservator (or in my case, a volunteer student of conservation!) does must do no damage and be reversible.

Onion skin map

I also am working on a foldout in the Geography books I have been working on for many months – a page torn in half this time. I have taken small bits of Japanese tissue and placed it along the mend first. This allows me to line things up exactly how I want them – and then I’ll go back and do a longer strip of tissue for the final mend.

Temporary tissue mends

That’s it for today!

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